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The Witcher, Game of Thrones and Pirates of the Caribbean by Mystery Ensemble
The Witcher, Game of Thrones and Pirates of the Caribbean by Mystery Ensemble
geo National Centre of Chamber Music
date 16/02/2024 20:00
price Price from - AMD 8,300.00

ENG // The Witcher, Game of Thrones and Pirates of the Caribbean by Mystery Ensemble

 ✨ A unique concert will take place on February 16th at 20:00 in a National Centre of Chamber Music in the heart of Yerevan. Plunge into the world of famous film stories! One of the most popular ensembles in Yerevan, Mystery Ensemble, invites you to a bright, unique, exciting musical journey through the universes of world cinema hits.

 The program includes breathtaking adventures: “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Game of Thrones”, as well as mesmerizing soundtracks from the famous game “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” and films about Geralt of Rivia, the monster hunter.

 The mysterious magic of the concert will be created by the unique connection between musicians with the surrounding them architecture & lights. Lights installation over the vaults of the fantastic music hall and stately pipe organ will help the ensemble to transfer the audience into the cryptic world of her majesty’s the music.

 You will find yourself inside famous movie scenes and feel like one of the heroes - thanks to the unique musical arrangements, artistry and drive of the Mystery Ensemble orchestra!

 The best of the best for lovers of thrills, chills and fantasy.

 Soundtracks composed by Hans Zimmer, Ramin Djawadi and Sonya Belousova are something without which we would not perceive the movie entirely.

 Tickets are limited - don’t miss the chance to purchase tickets to one of the best film music concerts of the season for the whole family!

 The concert organisers are the creative agency RED EVENTS & Distribution ltd, which makes exceptional cultural events in ancient mansions, on rooftops, in greenhouses and in other most atmospheric venues throughout Armenia, Russia, Europe, Great Britain and other countries. Also in the repertoire – a collection of concerts by candlelight and with complete immersion in the space of video art and sound. Official website:

 Start at 8:00 pm.

 Address: Komitas Chamber Music Hall, Armenia, Yerevan, A. Isahakian street 1

 Please note: If you are late for a concert, you may be offered seats other than the category indicated on your ticket. Follow the instructions of administrators and security. We recommend arriving at concerts in advance.


 🎻 Mystery Ensemble

 Mystery Ensemble is a unique group that performs the most current music. This is the live sound of acoustic string instruments, unique arrangements, and virtuoso keyboards, as well as artistry and drive from professionals passionate about their work. The orchestra creates a magical mood in the most atmospheric halls of Armenia.


 The Witcher:

- Geralt of Rivia
 - Toss a coin
 - I'm helping the Idiot
 - Her sweet Kiss
 - They’re Alive

- The Great Cleansing
 - Happy childhoods

- The Knight Who Was Taught to Save Dragons

Game of Thrones:
- Winterfell
- Light of the seven
- The winds of winter
- Game of thrones
Pirates of Caribbean:
- The Medallion calls
- Jack Sparrow
- He’s Pirate
- I see dead people in boats
- Davy Jones

 *Please note that the programme is subject to changes