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 The Music of Harry Potter by Mystery Ensemble
The Music of Harry Potter by Mystery Ensemble
geo National Centre of Chamber Music
date 17/02/2024 20:00
price Price from - AMD 8,300.00

ENG // The Music of Harry Potter by Mystery Ensemble

 ✨ А unique concert on February 17th will take place at 8.00 pm in a National Centre of Chamber Music in the heart of Yerevan. The owl has found you! The most enchanting event of February for the whole family, an experience not to be missed! We invite you to Hogwarts - on an exciting musical journey with JK Rowling’s favourite characters. Incredible delight for the whole family is guaranteed. The evening programme includes the magical music from unforgettable fantasy films of Harry Potter performed by the extraordinary Mystery Ensemble. 

 The film's soundtracks were masterfully composed by John Williams. The composer wrote the music at his mansions in Los Angeles and Tanglewood and then recorded at Abbey Road and Air Lyndhurst studios in London in September 2001. The film features many characteristic leitmotifs, most of which were repeated in the second part of the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets franchise. The main composition, "Hedwig's Theme", is present in all films in a modified form. The soundtrack was released on October 30, 2001, on CD media.

 On December 14, 2001, the soundtrack was certified gold in Canada (50,000 units) and in January 2002 in Japan (100,000 units). In 2002, John Williams was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Music for a Film but lost to Howard Shore, who wrote the compositions for another fantasy film, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, another fantasy film, “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring”, music from which can also be heard at our concerts.

 The album became a success, peaking at number 48 on the Billboard 200 and number two on the Top Soundtracks Chart. In the official UK charts, the album was at number 19.

 Immerse yourself in the world of legendary fantasy and experience the magic of Hogwarts!

 Mystery Ensemble is a unique group that performs the most actual music. This is the live sound of acoustic string instruments, unique arrangements, virtuoso keyboards, spectacular percussion, as well as artistry and drive from young professionals passionate about their work. The orchestra creates a magical mood in the most atmospheric halls of Yerevan.

 It’s time to let music into your hearts and live this incredible adventure with Mystery Ensemble! Don’t miss your chance to get tickets to one of the best family concerts of February!

 The concert organisers are the creative agency RED EVENTS & Distribution ltd, which makes exceptional cultural events in ancient mansions, on rooftops, in greenhouses and in other most atmospheric venues throughout Armenia, Europe, Great Britain and other countries. Also in the repertoire – a collection of concerts by candlelight and with complete immersion in the space of video art and sound. Official website:

 Start at 8:00 pm.

 Address: Komitas Chamber Music Hall, Armenia, Yerevan, A. Isahakian street 1

 Please note: If you are late for a concert, you may be offered seats other than the category indicated on your ticket. Follow the instructions of administrators and security. We recommend arriving at concerts in advance.


 🎻 Mystery Ensemble

 The mysterious magic of the concert will be created by the unique connection between musicians with the surrounding them architecture & lights. Lights installation over the vaults of the fantastic music hall and stately pipe organ will help the ensemble to transfer the audience into the cryptic world of her majesty’s the music.


•          Hedwig’s Theme 
•          Another story 
•          Fireworks 
•          Professor Umbridge 
•          End Titles 
•          Hogwarts March 
•          Harry’s wondrous Word 
•          Dumbledore’s Army 
•          Farewell Aragog 
•          Gilderoy Lockhart 
•          Hogwarts Forever 
•          Hogwarts Hymn 
•          Lily’s Theme 
•          Harry and Hermione 
•          Christmas 
•          Potter Waltz 
•          Snape of Malfoy Manor 
•          Harry in Winter 
•          Double Trouble 
•          Flight of the Order of Phoenix 

 *Please note that the programme is subject to changes